Sevenoak SK-r01 Shoulder Support Rig for DSLR Camera


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Ideal for use with small digital SLR cameras and prosumer camcorders
Can support payloads up to 20 lb (9kg)
Flexible configuration – can be adjusted for left or right shoulder operation and different user profiles
Allows adjustments via thumbscrews, and precision adjustments via hex key
Detachable grip handle can be used as a stand-alone support
Suitable for amateur or professional filmmakers and videographers

Soft foam handle can be released and used as a stand-alone support
The screw on the baseplate fits for 1/4 or 3/8 screws twist, and magic arm or brackets can be added for mounting LED lights, LCD monitor or Microphone.
Stainless steel stand can be adjusted to different height
The movable baseplate can be moved back and forth to adjust different requirements .
Shoulder pad: soft and comfortable foam
Smooth Iron surface counterweight SK-R01CW can be used for balancing the weight, easy to install by metal connector, weights 2.2KG per piece.
Non-woven material made soft and strong Fasten strap SK-R01HS equipped with lock-in buckle strengthens its safety.
Max load: 12KG
Suitable for amateur and professional video-producer or film-maker

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