Sevenoak JA-01 Jib Arm Crane for DSLR Camera


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Sevenoak SK-JA01 is a tripod mounted camera crane system designed to allow you to smoothly boom your camera up, down and move your camera in an infinite number of 360 degree arcs. When balanced properly and used correctly, SK-JA01 enables you to move your camera precisely and fluidly and get that marvelous picture or short film. It’s perfect for wedding videographers, documentary producers, music video productions or for anyone who has the need for a jib arm.


Holds cameras up to 10KG
Maximum overall length—2.37m
Rotates 360 degrees
Mounts directly on to tripods via the 3/8” screw
Equipped with3/8” and 1/4” camera mounting screws
The complete system weights 4.95KG (approximately)
Heavy barbell weights are not included
Carbon fiber construction
Fits easily into the trunk or back of a car when not fully assembled
Max working radius: 166cm
Min working radius: 130cm
Max operating height: 255cm
Min operating height: 18cm

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